Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Computer Screen

A noise wakes Fortune up. He opens his eyes and for a second he is convinced that his life is full of only movement in shadows. He yawns and brings his fists to his eyes. The image clears and some of the shadows vanish but everything is still smudged a little around the edges. When Fortune yawns his eyes water and people think he’s crying.
The computer screen brightens and lights up the room and he is joined by his 456 friends on on the page in front of him. He must have fallen asleep while typing on his blog. A billion little z’s, x’s and f’s are in the middle of the screen like he had fallen asleep with his forehead on the keyboard. He brushes his hair away from his eyes and runs his fingertips along his skin. His forehead feels sore. The cursor is blinking next to Hannah Leigh’s face on her profile picture. She is staring right at him from the screen. She is looking as cute as always. You’re cute, he tells her profile picture because he is too nervous to tell her himself. He presses his pointer finger on the backspace button and watches the random letters from his sleep be replaced by white space.

Friday, May 25th, 2007
This Summer!
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School is out and it is officially summertime and you all know what that means. My family and I are leaving for our annual summer vacation tomorrow morning. I haven’t even begun to pack yet. What am I supposed to bring? My game boy broke a few weeks ago. I guess I will just listen to a lot of music or something.
It sucks that I’m not going to be around to go swimming and just hang out but my parents get their summers off because they teach. Every summer they always want to be going somewhere, seeing some place. So, I guess I am used to not being home for the summer but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. Later on tonight I go to my 3rd grade graduation and then we leave in the morning.
This summer we are driving west across the U.S. There are a few big stops that we have planned. My mom really wants to go to some huge mall in the middle of the country because she says it’s where the best shopping is and the lowest prices. My mom loves to shop and buy new things.
My dad told me we are driving near where they found that REALLY big dinosaur skeleton a few years ago. He told me to keep my eye out for Round Island. I told him I always do.
Who knows, I might find another skeleton and it might be even bigger…or better yet, what if I find one that hasn’t even been discovered yet?
I could find a skeleton of a new species of dinosaur that no scientist had even knew existed so the entire science community would let me name it. I’m thinking I’d call it the…Fortunesaurus or something like that. Let me know what you guys think.
And then my skeleton could stand, reconstructed in the entry of some famous history museum in some place like New York or Chicago. And people would come from all over the country with their families on their summer vacations and walk into the museum and see the Fortunesaurus
hulking over them with its huge teeth so big that everyone who sees it feels like the Fortunesaurus is going to eat their head off in one bite.
And people will want to take pictures in front of the Fortunesaurus with their families or their girlfriends. Everyone will have their arms around each other with crazy, frightened, Jurassic Park looks on their faces like they truly believe that the Fortunesaurus could come alive any moment and bite every single person’s head right off.
And then they will all go home and put all the pictures up on all of their refrigerators. And when their friends come over they will walk into the kitchen and see the picture and know that they were there, that they saw the Fortunesaurus with their very own eyes.
Anyways I got to get going. Everyone I don’t see tonight, enjoy your summer! I’ll try and give a few updates from the road and let you know if I find anything.

Your friend, Fortune Alabama

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