Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Sky

As I fall through the atmosphere I begin to see the structure of neighborhoods and traffic patterns going up and down the shoreline of a Great Lake. I see a Ford Ranger. I see a fire turning a forest on a hillside into ash. I see the ash swept up in a gust of wind. I see a large ball of dust drift across the country and turn into a tornado and I watch as a tornado tears the roof off a barn. I am falling over the middle of the country, over a tornado and I can’t stop myself. My face is getting closer and closer to the ground. My impact will destroy a landscape, a city, a supermarket and leave a huge crater in the earth. People will wonder if I was a U.F.O.
The city I am over looks so recognizable but still unlike anything I have ever seen before. I feel like I can remember something about the way its streets appear to curl around their corners. There is something about the buildings and the houses behind the buildings and the mountains beyond the houses. Something real. Something I can touch.
I am really close to hitting the ground and I can see inside the windows now and in one I see a man holding a Coke can and scratching his beard, in another I see a woman passed out on a couch. I fall between the buildings. Some of the windows are dark and empty, places unvisited. Others fill with bright fluorescent glow. I fall between the buildings and grab onto the edge of a window. I climb inside a room and in the room I am finally on solid ground. My heart is beating out of my chest. I feel the floor with my hands just to feel something solid underneath me. It is just a wooden floor but it feels so comforting. I take a deep breath. I pause. I take another breath and press my hands tightly to the floor. Holy shit.

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